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A Citrus Themed Mother's Day in the Garden

Lemons and grapefruit and oranges. Oh mama! A beautiful citrus themed celebration for Mother's Day.


There are places in your heart that you don't even know exist until you've loved a child.

We hosted a barbecue to celebrate the moms in our life and used citrus as our theme. Behind every great theme, there is meaning. Motherhood can be sour sometimes and make you squinch your nose, but for the most part... it's pretty beautiful. There is so much color in the greatest hood of all; you just have to embrace it. To add a sentimental touch to our table, everyone's place setting had a photo of them and their mom and sprinkled like confetti were photos of the moments they each created in their motherhood journey. My only instruction was: "Don't go too crazy. It's just a bbq." But around here, the mission is to create magic in all the everyday moments.

create your own magic

Re-create this citrus table setting, for your own celebration:

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