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Peace Out 1st Grade: Last Day of School Celebration

Last day of school celebration calls for finish lines and giant pool noodle pencils.

Our little lady finished First Grade today and, gosh, we can't be any prouder of her than we already are. Just like we celebrate the first day of school, the first day of summer HAS to be a little extra special around here.

We started the year off with a wave good bye, the start of the race, so it was only right to finish the year with a finish line! This one was super easy to make with items we already had on hang: two plant sticks and a roll of paper. To add to the front door decorations, I added a super colorful balloon arch, some mini beach balls and homemade pool noodle pencils.

When she got home to her surprise, she and her neighbor friends were having a blast pretending to write with the pencils, so we used some sidewalk chalk to draw a message out for them in the street.

For the pool noodle pencils, head over to Dollar Tree, grab some pool noodles. Cut them in half and spray paint them yellow. Add a black or grey strip of paper around one end and then a thicker pink strip of paper on top of that, creating the eraser of the pencil. On the opposite end, roll up a brown paper bag to a cone shape, make some harsh cuts around the bottom to make it look like it's been sharpened, glue on and add a black point with a Sharpie marker. Bam!

It was super fun to celebrate a wonderful school year where she grew, learned a lot, studied really hard, balanced school work and competitive dancing and all the while, kept true to her spunky, funny, kind-hearted character. This set up took an hour. The summer kickoff magic lasted weeks.

create your own magic

Re-create this end of school year front door, for your own celebration:

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